Any child wishing to join the school or try out a new class is most welcome to do so at any time during a term.

It is recommended that all new pupils undertake a trial period of 4 lessons before committing to the rest of the lessons for the term and buying uniform.

Parents of new pupils are most welcome to watch their child's first lesson.

Please contact us to discuss which classes would be most suitable for your child and we can also explain how the trial period works. In order to attend the trial period registration and data consent forms need to be completed. These can be emailed, posted, downloaded or collected from the teacher, according to your preference.

You will find all the school's relevant policies and forms below.


There are 3 terms per year which coincide approximately with the academic terms.

The fees per term, payable in full on or before the first lesson of each term, are calculated on a time basis, ie. for ½ hour, ¾ hour, etc.

Our fees are extremely competitive and we offer very generous discounts when 2 or more subjects are taken.

Safeguarding and Best Practice

The school recognises the importance of keeping our students safe while they are in our care during their lessons and performances.

Copies of our Health and Safety, Risk Assessment (Sept 2021) and Child Protection (Sept 2021) Policies are held by the teachers and can also be downloaded.

Contact: Jessica Todd | Telephone: 07825 510356 | Email: [email protected]